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Hydro Credit Adjustment Notice

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Hydro Credit Adjustment results in lower electric bills for residential customers.

Starting with February 2006 bills, the hydro credit on your electric bill will be increased from .363 ¢ per kilowatt-hour to .763 ¢ per kilowatt-hour. This increase in the credit is a result of increased savings associated with the energy received from the New York Power Authority (‘NYPA’). For a customer using 750 Kilowatt-hours a month this will translate into a savings of $3.00 a month on your electric bill. Customers that have already been billed for February will receive an additional credit on their March bill based on February’s consumption. “This adjustment couldn’t come at a better time considering the Purchase Power Adjustment increases we have experienced over the last year,” said Jeffrey R. Cady, General Manager for Chicopee Electric Light. “We are required as part of our agreements with NYPA, to pass along the savings of this low cost hydropower to our residential customers”, said Cady.

The New York Power Authority operates two large hydroelectric dams on the US-Canadian border, The St. Lawrence project on the St. Lawrence River, and the Niagara project near Niagara Falls. In the past Chicopee received energy from both projects, but we are currently only receiving energy from the Niagara Falls project because NYPA did not renew the St. Lawrence agreement.




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