LED Streetlight  Replacement Project Updates:



PROJECT DESCRIPTION - CEL will replace the existing HPS street light system with new LED street lights over the next 3.5 years. The project kicks off in late March and will ultimately result in the replacement of nearly 4,700 lights throughout the City. The new LED lights consume less than ½ the energy of the old style lights, have an expected lifespan of 20+ years compared to 6-8 years for the HPS units and should provide a superior level of lighting. This is a win-win project for CEL and the City - the City will realize substantial savings in their monthly street light bill and CEL maintenance costs will be significantly reduced upon completion of the project. CEL will provide updates on the status of the project, so check in periodically to see the progress that has been made.


UPDATE #1 - On March 20th, CEL kicked off the City-wide LED Street Light Replacement Project. On June 27th, we hit a milestone with the installation of the 1000th unit. Nearly all of Phase I has been completed (only Chicopee Falls Area remaining) and we continue to make progress in the Phase II area.