Q: How do I change a fuse?

A: Before you begin, make sure your hands are dry, stand on a dry board or rubber pad, if possible, and have a flashlight with you:

1. Disconnect lamps and appliances in use when the circuit went out.

2. Open main switch (or open pull-out section of main panel in the service entrance) to cut off current while working at the branch circuit box.

3. Identify the blown fuse. When a fuse blows, the transparent section becomes cloudy or blackened. Some older fuse boxes have small-diameter fuses that require an adapter in the receptacle. This adapter should not be removed, and you should purchase the correct-size fuse for this model.

4. Replace the blown fuse with a new one of proper size. The smaller sizes screw in just like light bulbs. If the blown fuse is a cartridge type, located in the pull-out section, it can be removed and replaced with hand pressure. If the fuse is for an appliance greater than 120 volts, call an electrician. Some switches for such appliances as water heater, stoves, and clothes dryers will still be energized if they are fed from the panel, and improper fuse replacement could result in severe injury.

5. Close the main switch or replace pull-out section to restore service.

6. Throw away the blown fuse.




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