Chicopee Electric Light is pleased to announce our participation in the GO (Green Opportunity) Program designed to offer technical assistance, incentives, and low interest financing to help promote the identification and installation of cost effective electric energy efficiency projects in Chicopee. All non-residential, commercial and industrial customers are eligible to apply. Funding is limited and will be awarded on a first come first served basis.

Prescriptive Lighting & HVAC GO Programs

The Prescriptive Lighting & HVAC GO programs are a fast track process for reviewing and implementing these projects. The prescriptive programs are for CEL customers who have identified lighting &/or HVAC improvement projects and have procured cost quotations from licensed installers. Incentives available through the Prescriptive GO Programs are based upon equipment eligibility and a pre-determined incentive per unit. For more details, please review the links below for program descriptions, application forms, and the terms & conditions.

Prescriptive Lighting Program: 

HVAC Program:

Custom Retrofit GO Program

CEL's Custom Retrofit GO Program will be administered through a controlled process whereby CEL customers submit an application to be enrolled into the program. Once received, our teams will work with the applicant and their preferred contractors to fully define work scopes for the recommended projects, including a cost effectiveness evaluation based on estimated annual energy savings. Incentives available through the program are based on the energy savings estimated to result from project implementation. It is the responsibility of the customer to implement the measures of their choosing, at which time a post installation inspection will be conducted prior to issuing the incentive.

New Construction & Major Renovation Program

CEL's New Construction & Major Renovation GO Program will be administered through a controlled process whereby CEL customers submit an application to be enrolled into the program. Due to the highly custom nature of new construction and renovation projects, the GO Program Team will review each application independently and work with the applicant to develop a customized plan that may consist of co-funded technical services, or custom or prescriptive rebates, or both. The plan will be developed to provide maximum value to the customer in their project planning process.

Questions / Inquiries 

Please direct any questions to CEL’s Program Administrator at (877)-259-3015 or by email at

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