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Who we are

Chicopee Electric Light (CEL) was established as a municipal utility in 1896 by community leaders who wished to free the community from the grip of a private utility company. The underlying reason was unsatisfactory service. To this day, CEL continues to operate in the best interest of its stakeholders, the rate payers.


The utility is dedicated to providing reliable, high quality services to the community at the lowest cost, consistent with ensuring resources for proper system maintenance, modernization, and meeting demands for future expansion. It is also our purpose to strive for excellence in our daily operations, have a positive impact on the environment and provide a safe and productive workplace in which all employees are treated with equity and respect.


CEL is in the midst of adding a second utility to its offerings: Crossroads Fiber. We believe Chicopee residents deserve fast, reliable, fairly priced Internet service. And, as Chicopee's public utility, we believe we are the right ones to deliver it. 

Municipal Light Board

  • Joseph F. Pasternak, III, Commissioner

  • Daniel J. Mashia, Commissioner

  • Daniel T. Maciolek, Commissioner

  • Daniel R. Faille, Clerk of the Board

Municipal Light Board Meetings  

Energy Portfolio Breakdown​

Here is a breakdown of where we source your energy, based on 2023 information, followed by the breakdown from 2014 for comparison. 


​Current Job Openings - Click Here For Our Application

DPU Annual Reports & CEL Financial Statements

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