The Chicopee Community Caring Fund (CCCF) is a non-profit fund established in conjunction with the Valley Opportunity Council ("VOC").  It allows us as a community to give back to our community.  Specifically, CCCF was founded to provide aid for individuals and families of Chicopee, who, because of financial difficulty, cannot meet their monthly electric utility expenses.

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for CCCF assistance?

In order to qualify for assistance, an applicant's Gross Household Income ("GHI") must fall between one-hundred-fifty percent (150%) and two-hundred-twenty-five percent (225%) of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines. The applicant must complete a Financial Hardship Form ("FHF") available from Customer Service at Chicopee Electric Light ("CEL") and be approved by the Valley Opportunity Council (VOC).

Does the money contributed stay in Chicopee?

All funds raised through this program are for Chicopee residential electric customers only. There will be reasonable administrative fees assessed by CEL that are typically associated with such programs. We are committed to providing those in need with a large percentage of the money collected.

What is this year's goal?

This year, CCCF would like to raise twenty-thousand dollars ($20,000) to help individuals and families of Chicopee.

How can I contribute to CCCF?

We will gladly accept your generous contributions of cash, money orders and checks made payable to "VOC" or "Valley Opportunity Council", c/o Chicopee Electric Light, 725 Front St., Chicopee, MA 01020. Please contact Debbie Pietras at 413.598.8311 ext.128 for more information. Thank you for your help.