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What is the Connected Homes Program?

We’re excited to announce that Chicopee Electric Light (CEL) has joined the innovative NextZero Connected Homes program. This demand-response program leverages smart device technology into cost savings for CEL and our electric customers.

This is a voluntary program for our electric customers who own Wi-Fi connected appliances and devices, including Wi-Fi thermostats, electric vehicle chargers, electric water heaters, mini-split controllers, and residential batteries.

By enrolling a device into Connected Homes, you agree to allow Connected Homes to make brief, limited adjustments to the device’s electricity usage during times of peak electric demand, such as temporarily powering off an electric vehicle charger during peak electric usage hours. This allows CEL to better manage its electric demand, maintain competitive rates, and keep the lights on.

Participating in Connected Homes is completely voluntary and electric customers who choose to do so have the opportunity to earn monthly rewards that are paid out each quarter. You are notified of possible adjustments in advance via email and text and given the option to opt out.

Adjustments will not be made to your devices if you opt out. Electric customers who choose to participate in all events for a month will earn the monthly incentive and be issued an incentive check each quarter. Incentive amounts vary between $5–$30 per month, depending on the type of smart device.

You can begin enrolling in Connected Homes on January 1, 2024. To enroll, visit

As Massachusetts continues to progress toward its 2050 decarbonization goals, CEL is proud to participate in programs such as Connected Homes, which will help us meet those climate targets as we play our part in the clean energy future.

Electric customers who decide to participate in adjustments will be given an incentive check. Click here for more details, a FAQ list, and to enroll!  If you have questions that are not on the FAQ list, please call (413) 308-1311 to speak with a program administrator.

Eligible Devices


*Electric customers previously enrolled in the NextZero EV Scheduled Charging Program with any EV charger are not eligible to enroll in Connected Homes until three years from date of enrollment in the Scheduled Charging Program.


**Google and Nest Thermostat are trademarks of Google LLC.

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