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Our Residential Conservation Services* (RCS) may help you save energy - and money!

Call our toll-free hotline at 888-333-7525

Customers of Chicopee Electric Light may call the toll-free hotline with any questions concerning energy conservation in their home. Our staff has a wealth of information about all aspects of residential energy conservation, and can provide it either by mail or email. We can also assist or direct you to a number of different web-based resources providing online information on many conservation measures, as well as online energy audits you can conduct on your own.

Our customer assistance staff is available to answer your energy questions. After your initial call, please feel free to call back to discuss any further questions you may have about the information you receive from us. You may also email us at For more information, please visit our NextZero website at

In-Home Energy Audit Service

Home energy audits can provide a greater level of information to those CEL customers wishing to implement energy conservation projects in their home. The NextZero Residential Audit Service is provided to those customers who have used the NextZero toll-free energy conservation hotline, and who qualify based on the age of their home, existing insulation levels, and other requirements. Those customers who complete an in-home energy audit project are eligible for Home Efficiency rebates. For more information on home energy audits, call 888-333-7525 and speak with our staff. You may also self-schedule your home energy audit by clicking here.


* We reserve the right to alter this program at any time without notice. RCS may be provided by an independent contractor or CEL authorized agent, who will contact CEL customers directly with the appointment date. RCS are only designed to determine potential energy saving measures - actual savings may sometimes not be realized.

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