Fixture Rental / Monthly Charge

High Pressure Sodium​

100W Cobra Head Fixture  -  $10.00

250W Cobra Head Fixture  -  $14.00

250W Floodlight Fixture     -  $15.00

400W Cobra Head Fixture  -  $22.00

400W Floodlight Fixture     -  $22.00

Metal Halide Fixtures​

250W Cobra Head Fixture*  -  $15.00

250W Floodlight Fixture*     -  $16.00

320W Floodlight Fixture*     -  $19.00

400W Cobra Head Fixture*  -  $23.00

400W Floodlight Fixture*     -  $23.00

1000W Floodlight*                    -  $36.00

Wood Pole Rental (If Required)  -  $1.00

48W LED Cobra - $8.50

129W LED Cobra - $12.00

177W LED Cobra - $16.00

96W LED Floodlight - $13.00

146W LED Floodlight - $14.00

196W LED Floodlight - $18.00

297W LED Floodlight - $28.00

LED Fixtures

*Effective immediately, due to a DOE mandated change from probe start to pulse start ballasts for Metal Halide lamps, the 250W and 400W Metal Halide offerings will no longer be offered and will be replaced with the 320W offering. CEL will continue to maintain existing 250/400 Metal Halide fixtures until the probe start MH lamps are no longer commercially available, or our inventory of probe start MH fixtures is depleted. At that time, the customer will have the option to transition to the 320W offering, at the rate defined above, or cancel their contract.

A $325.00 per pole charge will be added up front for each required pole installation.

Effective 11/16/09, all new contract lighting agreements will be subject to the new rates defined above and the wood pole charge. The rates defined above will apply to all contracts signed prior to 1/1/08; contracts signed after 1/1/08 will be subject to the revised rates upon the expiration of the initial two (2) year contract term.

To calculate your monthly total rental, add the fixture rental and the pole rental (if required).

Minimum rental term is two (2) years with a buyout option at CEL's discretion.

Rental Agreement must be signed prior to installation.

Custom fixture / pole / installation options are available and will be quoted on an as-needed basis - the minimum rental term for custom installations is ten (10) years.