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Chicopee Electric Light

Established in 1896 as Chicopee’s public utility, CEL continues to operate in the best interest of our rate payers. We work hard to keep our rates low, our response times fast, and our services reliable and up-to-date. After all, this is our community as well.


Just as Chicopee residents and business owners clamored for electricity in the 1900s, today they demand fast, reliable, and fairly priced Internet service. CEL’s response? Crossroads Fiber, Chicopee’s own state of the art, 100% fiber network. A measured build out service plan, for both business and residential customers, begins mid-2019.

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Check here for scheduled outages or construction happening in Chicopee.



Let us know if you see a broken streetlight. We’ll get to it ASAP.


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Chicopee Community
Caring Fund

We invite you to make a donation to support Chicopee residents who, due to financial difficulty, are unable to meet their electric utility expenses.


Energy Efficiency 


Learn how you can earn rebates and other incentives by harnessing energy from the sun.



A Chicopee home energy audit can uncover cost-effective ways to achieve optimal home energy efficiency.



Get technical assistance, incentives, and low interest financing for Chicopee-based commercial and industrial energy efficiency projects.


Still have questions? Check out our FAQs.

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